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About Us

Swarit Foundation is an Art, Culture and Entertainment Welfare Trust.

It aims at promoting Indian Art, Culture and Music and also our Traditional Indian Music like Hindustani Classical, Folk, Regional, Devotional, etc along with Art Exhibitions, Cultural & Spiritual discourses by organizing various entertainment programs and initiatives.

At SWARIT, we understand the importance and moral duties of being an Indian Citizen. By taking music & entertainment as a medium to create awareness among the masses, we aim to bring forth various social issues affecting our society by organizing various socio-cultural activities & initiatives.

For these noble causes, we do not just focus on big names of Indian Music & Entertainment Industry but also give a platforms to new artists and emerging enthusiasts or we an say ‘YOUTH OF INDIA’ to showcase their art and inject the spirit of belongings and respect towards our rich Indian cultural values in them.

Swarit Foundation is determined to work in all these areas at its best possible manner by striking the right chords with the masses not just in terms of the Music and Art, but also by contributing to the society by creating awareness about social issues plaguing our Nation.

Among various initiatives, to name a few :

1. Organizing various music education workshop for the masses to promote diversified learning of Indian Music.

2. SMARAN – dedicated to Guru-Shishya Parampara is a concert series, providing platform for Young Indian Classical Musicians & Dancers from across India for the promotion of Indian Classical Music and its importance among coming generations and so that it can be purely preserved and promoted.

3. Collaboration with respected Dr. Kiran Bedi for musically supporting her India Vision Foundation in “Behavioral Transformation through MUSIC Program” for PRISONERS in 5 major prisons i.e. GHAZIABAD, NOIDA, ROHTAK, GURUGRAM and AMBALA.

4. SAADHYAN – Academy of Performing Arts as an education initiative of SWARIT FOUNDATION TRUST to teach and groom raw talent from all over to promote, preserve & guide them about Indian Classical Music, its purity and our rich culture.

5. Providing livelihood to the young artist and organizing various Indian Culture & Heritage preserving education initiatives.